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Root Canal Treatment - Avoid Having to Pull Out a Good Tooth

The system of nerves and blood vessels inside the layers of your teeth is called the root canal system. Though sometimes it cannot be helped, it’s usually better if you’re able to get your teeth treated without having to pull them out as the latter can cause problems in both your jaw as well as how your teeth are aligned. That’s why dentists prefer saving natural teeth and gums, including performing endodontic treatment.

Endodontics (Root Canal) Treatments

Endodontics is a special type of dentistry that focuses on the roots and nerves of teeth. The centre of every tooth contains a pulp, which is comprised of nerves, arterioles and tissues. If this pulp becomes diseased or damaged, a dentist can use endodontic treatments and therapies to attempt to save the tooth. However, not every tooth can be saved. In those cases, the dentist might recommend a bridge or dental implant.

The most common endodontic procedure is a root canal, in which the damaged pulp is removed, and the remaining space is sealed off. But endodontic treatment is also required in the case of a cracked tooth or any other dental trauma that affects the inner workings of a tooth.

Avoid Losing Your Teeth

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